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July 13, 2011

Dry Cleaning Tips

Your dry cleaner is an expert at removing stains and grime from your garments, but there are steps you can take to make the process even smoother.

Check Your Labels

Some dyes or fabrics aren’t strong enough to withstand traditional dry cleaning, and these items will be labeled “do not dry clean.” However, even if the care label says do not dry clean, your full service professional dry cleaner knows how to clean it without risking the garment. Dependable Cleaners in Denver, Colorado, is such a cleaners.

Point out stains

Not all stains are visible to the dry cleaner upon inspection. To increase the likelihood of good stain removal make sure you point out stains to the customer service representative.

Inspect your clothes at home before cleaning because wear or damage can get worse in cleaning if not pointed out for mending before cleaning.

Many times people don’t inspect their clothes before cleaning because they know its dirty and needs to be cleaned. Sometimes there are little tears or damages that came from wear that will only be noticed after cleaning and you might mistakenly attribute this damage to the dry cleaners.

If your clothes smell switch cleaners. Dry cleaning is an odorless process. There should be no scent except the smell of clean fresh fabric. If this is not the case, you are using a dry cleaners with dirty solvent and your clothes are getting dirty at the cleaners, rather than clean. The plastic bags containing your freshly cleaned clothes are ideal for storage to prevent dust, dirt and even moths. If you feel like you have to remove the bag to air your garments out, you need to switch cleaners.




March 16, 2011

Coats for Colorado

Dependable Cleaners, a laundry and dry-cleaning service with locations throughout the state of Colorado, sponsors the Coats for Colorado program. For nearly three decades, Coats for Colorado has provided coats to Coloradoans in need of warmth during the cold winter months. Founded in 1982 by Dependable Cleaners and Shirt Laundry, Inc., Coats for Colorado is a nonprofit organization that receives sponsorship from a number of other notable sources in Colorado.

In 2003, Denver’s 7 KMGH-TV partnered with Dependable Cleaners to sponsor the Coats for Colorado campaign and increase the visibility of the organization. In the same year, Colorado Governor Bill Owens signed an official decree that established October 5 as the Denver’s 7 and Dependable Cleaners’ Coats for Colorado Day in the state.

According to its mission statement, Coats for Colorado sets out to provide as many free winter coats as possible to Colorado residents in need. Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, Coats for Colorado has collected and handed out more than 1.7 million coats. In 2009 alone, Coats for Colorado distributed more than 70,000 coats to Coloradoans. Coats for Colorado makes it easy for individuals to donate winter coats, maintaining more than 30 drop-off locations throughout Colorado.

To hand out the coats collected at Dependable Cleaners locations across Colorado, Coats for Colorado maintains business partnerships with more than 120 Colorado charities. By working closely with a wide variety of human-service agencies and health organizations, Coats for Colorado streamlines the distribution of coats and improves the efficiency of its operations. In addition to meeting with nonprofit organizations by appointment, Coats for Colorado holds two public distribution days, during which individuals in need can pick up coats in person.

Dedicated to the ideals of community service and charity, Coats for Colorado encourages all types of organizations, schools, and businesses to host winter coat drives. Coats for Colorado collects all types of coats, particularly extra-large men’s and women’s coats and children’s coats. To find the coat drop-off location nearest you or to schedule an appointment with Coats for Colorado, visit its website at

February 19, 2011

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